About Us

What is Genlighten?

Genlighten is an online marketplace for genealogy research services.

Our independent research providers can help you find the records, relationships, and answers you're searching for. Genlighten makes it simple to get the research assistance you need, from basic document lookups to large-scale ancestral lineage studies. Our client reviews let you select the best researcher for your project. We're the easy way to hire a genealogist!

We're also a project management and client-acquisition platform for genealogy research professionals.

We help you find and delight more clients through a combination of paid and inbound marketing. We also make running your own genealogy business easier and more rewarding with our streamlined project tracking, document management and payment processing tools.

Who We Are

Dean Richardson

Dean was introduced to genealogy by his wife, who ushered him up to the genealogy section of the local university library one night to show him the New York Times obituary for his Civil War ancestor. That was thirty-something years ago, and he's been hooked on family history ever since. Dean's responsibilities at Genlighten range from front-end design and Rails back-end development to sales and marketing.

Cynthia Richardson

Looking for a way to turn her passion for historical document research into a source of income, Cynthia taught herself HTML and CSS and built chicagogenealogy.com back in 2003. Since then, she's performed Chicago-area genealogy lookups and custom research for thousands of delighted customers. She's also served as volunteer and director at the Wilmette Family History Center. At Genlighten, Cynthia handles customer support inquiries, maintains our online help facility, and curates our community-generated content. When you call or e-mail us, she'll usually be the one you chat with.