Do I have to add information to my profile?

If you are planning to use Genlighten as a client, filling in profile information is optional but we really hope you'll take a few minutes to do it. The information will be available to providers you contact and sharing a little bit about yourself helps to build community.

If you are planning to use Genlighten as a provider, your profile information is an important part of your overall presence on the site and it will be public.

The "General Info" tab gives you a chance to add four things: first name, last name, where you live, and a square avatar image.

Here's what we suggest:

1) Add an image! It's a way of creating your own unique presence on the site.

2) Add a general location, e.g., "Southern California" rather than "Encinitas, CA."

3) Add your first name, if you wish.

4) Only add your last name if you are a provider who already uses a full name in advertising research services online and/or in print.