What’s found under the Profile Tab?

The profile tab provides fill-in-the-blank forms for creating a profile on the site.

If you’re a client, you will have to three tabs: General Info, Client Bio, and Header Image.

If you're a provider, you will have additional tabs related to your business.

As a client, any information you choose to provide will be shown to providers you contact through the site. As a provider, the information you add will be public.

Creating a client profile is optional, but it adds to the sense of community and helps providers get to know you better. For example, providing a general location can let providers know whether or not you might have access to records relevant to your research. Adding a brief summary of your research focus and experience, lets a provider know whether you’re a novice who might need detailed explanations or whether you’re a long-time researcher who knows the various record types inside and out.

At the very least, we encourage you to upload a profile image so that providers can come to recognize you from that picture. It doesn’t have to be a photograph of yourself; an avatar is fine.

If you don’t have a banner photo, we’d be happy to help. Just choose something from depositphotos.com, tell us the image number, and we’ll do the rest!

If you’re a provider, please see the provider help section for additional information.