I submitted a project request. Now what?

Please give the provider 24 hours to respond.

Typically you will hear back with a message or a proposal and quote but a provider may also decline a project with or without explanation. If that happens, don't take it personally. Your project may be outside a provider's areas of expertise or the provider may simply be too busy to take on additional work.

If you don't hear back within the expected time, please contact support@genlighten.com. Occasionally our notification emails go to spam folders so providers don't know they have a request. The sooner we hear client-provider communication isn't working as expected, the sooner we can go to work to solve that problem!

Depending on the complexity of your project, you and the provider may need to message back and forth a few times before the provider can create a proposal and quote. If you need to share documents or images with the provider, to to the Uploads tab on the project tracking page and upload them there.