How do I know I can trust the provider I choose?

You can't know with 100% certainty that the person you hire to help with your research project will live up to your expectations but Genlighten goes a long way in helping you choose wisely, with confidence.

First, read the provider's profile carefully and ask yourself these questions:

Is the text on this page well-written? If the profile information is free of spelling and grammatical errors, it's likely this provider's reports will be, too.

Has this provider trained for genealogy research work? Providers who have been through a degree or certificate program are more likely to hold themselves to high research and reporting standards than someone who does research for a hobby.

Is this provider's experience well-matched to my research needs? A provider who lacks formal training, might be an expert in retrieving local records.

Look at the portfolio tab. Has the provider uploaded a sample report? Does it meet your expectations for what you want your report to be?

Next, read the provider's feedback and references. If previous clients were happy with the provider's work, it's likely you will be, too.

Feel free to ask questions before submitting a project request. If the provider replies promptly with a carefully-written message, it's likely the same attention will be given to your project.

And, finally, when you receive a research proposal and quote from a provider, make sure it is very specific and that it meets your needs and expectations. If it doesn't, work with the provider to make adjustments or politely decline.